Science (STEM) School Trips

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About Science (STEM)

Our Science tours allow students to adopt a critical, questioning frame of mind, going ‘behind the scenes' to understand the workings of science and how it impacts so heavily on their lives and on society in general.

There are some wonderful tours here, designed to offer lots of opportunities to promote scientific enquiry in exciting, dynamic and challenging environments.

Our Maths tours give your students the opportunity to discover how mathematical thinking is applied in new and exciting places, and allows them to experience the fun side of mathematics, in addition to seeing new theories of mathematics and its contemporary uses.

Our ICT trips have been designed to allow students to explore the development and future role of ICT in real world contexts, helping them to compete in an increasingly digital world. 

Supporting STEM subjects
Many of our tours support learning in Science, Technology and Engineering, in addition to Mathematics, meaning your students get even more benefit from their time outside of the classroom.