London Maths

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Based on 2 days

Suitable for Secondary Schools, Primary Schools


This tour is an excellent opportunity to investigate the mathematics that makes London work!

From the Wembley Stadium arch, to the Bank of England, your students will be surrounded by maths during a visit to the city.  Have fun calculating the height of key landmarks, such as Nelson’s Column, or take the opportunity to consider the mathematical challenges engineers faced whilst building the iconic London Eye.

Visits to the Science Museum’s Mathematics and Computing exhibitions are a must, as is the British Museum’s Maths Challenge.


Our Suggested Itinerary

  1. Day 1

    Depart school for London.

    Get your bearings with a self-guided mathematical walking tour of the city.  Learn about geometry, networks and curves through the mediums of sweets, slinkies and chalk!

    Visit the London Science Museum's Mathematics and Computing exhibitions.

    Take a flight on the iconic London Eye.

  2. Day 2

    British Museum Maths Challenge. Topics covered include: units of measurement, ratios, transformations and dynamic geometry.

    Depart London for Bletchley Park, the main British code-breaking centre during the Second World War.  Enjoy a tour of the site, and a special Codes and Ciphers presentation.

    Return to school.

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London Maths

from £95pp

Based on 2 days

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