Atmospheric Azores!

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Based on 5 days

Suitable for Secondary Schools


The Azores is abundant with bubbling hot springs, oozing mud holes, fantastic caverns, and beautiful crater lakes!  The island of São Miguel offers an excellent opportunity for students to put their knowledge of volcanic activity to the test with a wide variety of guided tours and excursions on offer.

This itinerary will allow students to broaden their understanding of many geographical features by seeing them up close.  As well as physical features like waterfalls and lagoons, students can learn about sustainable energy, tourism, management of natural hazards and the effects of environmental change.

Our Suggested Itinerary

  1. Day 1

    Indirect flight from the UK to Ponta Delgada and transfer to accommodation.

    Dinner at accommodation.

  2. Day 2

    Start your trip with a fantastic Geological Tour: Set off to the Caldeiras for the morning to learn about how volcanic activity continues to affect the landscape in the Azores.  Afterwards, visit the Picos Region to see some really important volcanic features, including subaerial and submarine volcanic cones!

    The afternoon visit includes a visit to a Geo-thermal Power Station.  The station provides 42% of the island’s energy needs! After your visit, take a short walk around Lagoa do Congro.

    The last visit of the day is to Gruta do Carvão, the longest lava tunnel on the island of São Miguel!

  3. Day 3

    Visit the Furnas Valley – a famous beauty spot on the island of São Miguel with a history of volcanic activity which has left a legacy of impressive natural geysers, hot springs and calderas.

    Throughout the walk you will stop at the Pico do Ferro Viewpoint which offers great views over Furnas Lake.  After the viewpoint, you will stop off at Lagoa das Furnas to see the fumarolic fields (bubbling mud pools and hot springs).

    To top of the day, students will enjoy a traditional Cozido, a stew cooked in a geothermal heat chamber in the fumarolic fields!

    The last visits of the day include Terra Nostra Botanical Gardens and Gorreana Tea Factory.

  4. Day 4

    Go on a guided tour of Sete Cidades. On the tour you will visit Lagoa do Fogo (Fire Lake!), a crater lake in the centre of the island.

    Along the walking route you will see the twin lakes, Lagoa Verde (Green Lake) and Lagoa Azul (Blue Lake), as well as the Santiago and Rasa lakes.  Students can try their hand at spotting unique volcanic formations and even exotic animal species!

  5. Day 5

    Round off your trip with a visit to the Observatório Vulcanológico e Geotérmico dos Açores, a centre dedicated to Volcanology, Mineraology, Seismology, Petrology and Paleontology, both in the Azores region and beyond!  Students are encouraged to bring a geological sample from their region.

    Coach transfer to Ponta Delgada Airport.

    Indirect return flight to UK.

School Trip Accommodation


We use safe and secure accommodation especially suited to schools. Our accommodation is usually 2* or youth hostel standard and provides a perfect base for enjoying your tour. All accommodation we use is audited, and our auditing regime is verified by independent experts.

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Lagoa do Fogo

Atmospheric Azores!

from £850pp

Based on 5 days

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