London Psychology

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Based on 1 day

Suitable for Secondary Schools


Our London Psychology tours cover a broad range of topics and areas of Psychology including Freud, mental health and criminal case studies.  There is a fantastic range of museums and interactive workshops on offer to suit the study programmes of your students!

Our tour can easily be done as a day trip, focusing on the scientific aspects of Psychology, or you could add a second day to investigate some psychological case studies. 

Our Suggested Itinerary

1 day from £32pp or 2 days from £106pp

  1. Day 1

    Discover the psychoanalytic legacy of Sigmund Freud with a guided visit to the Freud Museum.

    Visit to the Science Museum – explore one of the many fantastic exhibitions with links to psychology.

    Learn about how a killer thinks and operates with our engaging Jack the Ripper Walking Tour. 

    Journey home or transfer to accommodation. 

  2. Optional Day 2

    Spend the morning at the Royal Courts of Justice and take part in a Motion to Appeal workshop. Students will act out a historical criminal case focusing on Diminished Responsibility.

    Learn more about the history of mental healthcare and treatment through extensive archives, art and historic objects at the Bethlem Museum of the Mind.

    Travel back home.


Our London Psychology itinerary can be done as a day trip, or an overnight excursion.  We have a good range of accommodation options in London - let us know if you have a favourite! 

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Royal Courts of Justice

London Psychology

from £106pp

Based on 1 day

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