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About Sweden

The mere mention of Sweden conjures up resonant images: frozen wastelands, cosy cottages, virgin forest, rocky islands, reindeer herders and Viking lore – Sweden has all that plus impeccable style and to-die-for dining.

Its capital city of Stockholm almost becomes a retreat away from the largely rural landscapes; while Sweden is almost as large as California, it has a population of just 9 million. In the countryside you'll find pine, spruce and birch forest as far as the eye can see and crystal-clear lakes – not to mention possibly the purest air you’ll ever breathe. The country’s south and west coasts, meanwhile, feature some of the most exquisite beaches in Europe and the country's three largest cities. Head to the far north and you'll be surrounded by some of Europe’s most thrilling landscapes, neverending light or total darkness depending on the time of year, plus there's the high possibility of spotting some reindeer or the magnificent Northern Lights.

Sweden's sheer size and diversity provides you with plenty of options for a unique school trip - whether it's a cultural and historical trip to Stockholm or a Geography trip to explore some of Europe’s most thrilling landscapes, your students are sure to be blown away by the sights of Scandinavia. 

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