Volcanic landscapes of Lanzarote

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Lanzarote is the oldest island in the Canaries.  Its extraordinary landscapes created by the violent volcanic eruptions of the 18th and 19th centuries are breathtaking, with the vast malpais (literally the bad lands) of lava flows set against a skyline of jagged cones and dormant craters.

This is a really popular trip - the island is an exciting destination for geography students, allowing them to study plate tectonics, volcanoes and the human challenges of living in such an environment.

Our Suggested Itinerary

  1. Day 1

    Flight to Lanzarote.

    Submarine Safari!  Experience a dive onboard a real submarine which will take you over 30m below the unexplored waters of the Atlantic Ocean. 

    Visit Playa Blanca. Golden sand, clear water and blue skies mean the Beaches of Playa Blanca are a great place to relax on your first day.

  2. Day 2

    National Park of Timanfaya.  A visit to the volcanoes of 'Fire Mountain' is an absolute must! This protected area is a fine example of a landscape created during a period of intense volcanic activity.  Features include craters, volcanic cones, domes, lava flows and geothermal activity.

    Salinas de Janubio.  During its heyday, the Salinas produced around 10,000 tons of sea salt per year, with the water originally being pumped into the lagoon by wind power. The patchwork of salt pans sets apart black volcanic scenery around it.

    Visit Los Hervideros (literally the 'Boiling Waters') are a series of caves and blow holes which have been eroded into a former Lava flow. Here it is possible to walk around the cliffs and watch the breakers crash into the caves from one of the natural 'balconies'.

    Visit El Golfo, the coastal area with its black volcanic beaches, the site of a half-submerged volcanic cone, eroded by the sea. Over time the ocean has eaten into the volcano, leaving an emerald-green lagoon which produces a magnificent array of colours depending on the position of the sun.

  3. Day 3

    Visit Museum César Manrique Foundation. The unique appeal of Lanzarote can be attributed very much to the artist César Manrique whose impact has endured. His former home is constructed on a lava field incorporating volcanic bubbles.

    Visit Jameos del Agua, César Manrique's creation, Jameos del Agua is an underground lava bubble wonderfully converted into an auditorium and theatre.

    Casa de los Volcanes. César Manrique literally carved himself a niche on the island of Lanzarote in the hardened lava rock that populates the island. His amazing underground home is a tribute to both the beautiful island and his art.

    Visit Mirador del Rio.  El Mirador was built in 1973 and is an intriguing observation point, built into a cliff face 475 metres above sea level

    Cueva de los Verdes. One of the longest volcanic submarine lava tunnels in the world, the Cueva de Los Verdes has been protecting locals on Lanzarote for hundreds of years. Take a tour through the labyrinth of caves and enjoy this impressive illuminated rock formation.

  4. Day 4

    Spend your last morning at the beach.

    Return flight home. 

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Timanfaya Fire Mountain

Volcanic landscapes of Lanzarote

from £575pp

Based on 4 days

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