Roman Britain

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Our engaging Roman Britain Tour brings to life the legacy of the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain.  The ancient cities of Deva, Viriconium, Aquae Sulis and Camulodunum (modern-day Chester, Wroxeter, Bath and Colchester) are some of the best places in the UK to get a feel for life in Roman Britain.

Along with brilliant museums such as the Grosvenor Museum and the Roman Baths, the surrounding countryside is dotted with archaeological sites, including the luxurious Fishbourne Roman Palace.

Our suggested itinerary is designed to bring the study of History, Latin & Classical Civilisations to life through interactive workshops, and your students are sure to enjoy walking in the footsteps of the Romans!

Our Suggested Itinerary

  1. Day 1

    Travel to Chester and arrive at the Grosvenor Museum.  First join a guided tour through Chester City Centre to visit the largest amphitheatre in Britain.  After this, take part in a hands-on workshop examining a real roman skeleton to solve the mystery of who he was and how he died. You’ll also look at Roman food and cooking, archaeology and Roman buildings.  Then round off your experience with a visit to the Roman Galleries.

    In the afternoon, spend some free time at the Chester Rows, the famous two-tier medieval galleries of shops.

    Travel to Liverpool where you’ll spend the night.

  2. Day 2

    Spend the day visiting Wroxeter Roman City, wander the remains of the bathhouse and explore a reconstructed town house from a city which was almost as large as Pompeii!

    Travel to Bath where you’ll be spending the next two nights.

  3. Day 3

    In the morning, ascend the steps of Bath Abbey’s bell tower for a fantastic vantage point of the city!

    Visit the Roman Baths, some of the best-preserved Roman remains in the world! Take part in a ‘Welcome to Aquae Sulis’ workshop, before exploring the bath houses and temple and even tasting the famous spa water!

    Enjoy some free time in Bath’s grand and historic city centre.

  4. Day 4

    Spend the day visiting Fishbourne Roman Palace, stroll around the recreated Roman gardens and enjoy a Roman-themed lunch!

    Then take part in an educational workshop of your choice - choose from a variety of topics such as the Roman Military, artefacts and archaeology and Roman life.

    Travel to Truleigh Hill where you’ll spend the night.

  5. Day 5

    Take yourself on a self-guided tour of Colchester’s Roman Walls.

    Then visit Colchester Castle and journey through 2000 years of some of the most important events in British history!

    Travel back to school in the afternoon.

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Roman Britain

from £595pp

Based on 5 days

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