Midlands Business Studies

from £160pp

Based on 2 days

Suitable for Secondary Schools


The Midlands is a great location to get an eye for the business world, with a number of world-famous companies such as Cadbury’s and JCB.  This itinerary will allow you the chance to go behind the scenes to learn a bit more about the companies’ business models and how they compete in their global markets.

Then head to one of the UK’s leading theme parks, Alton Towers where you can take part in one of their fascinating workshops on business and marketing.  Choose from delving into the ins and outs of the business or learning about the marketing strategies that promote the brand in their target markets.

You might want to consider combining this with our Discover the Midlands itinerary or a trip to Stratford – check out these itineraries for some inspiration!

Our Suggested Itinerary

  1. Day 1

    Depart School and travel to the Midlands.

    Go on a tour of the Jaguar Land Rover Factory for the unique opportunity to see the whole process of how the cars are brought to life.  You’ll have the opportunity to see how skilled technicians and sophisticated machines work together to create Jaguar’s popular cars.

    Head to Cadbury World to get a fascinating insight into the rich heritage of the nation’s favourite chocolate brand.  Delve into the history of chocolate making and enjoy the 4D Chocolate Adventure cinema experience!


    Go on a tour of the JCB Factory for the amazing opportunity to head behind the scenes of the world-famous diggers and get up close to the manufacturing process.

  2. Day 2

    Spend the day at Alton Towers for thrill-seeking rides and attractions.  As well as enjoying the rides, students will have the opportunity to take part in a workshop about the business or marketing strategies to see how the brand is promoted.

    Return to School.

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Cadbury's Chocolate

Midlands Business Studies

from £160pp

Based on 2 days

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