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Rome Classics

With over 3,000 years of history, culture and architecture, Rome is one of the best locations for a Classics tour. A visit to the Eternal City evokes images of spectacular triumphs, gladiatorial combat and passionate senatorial debate. You will be able to explore the remains of palaces, public arenas and triumphal monuments in the nexus of the mighty Roman Empire. study the remains of Roman civilisation to see what can be reconstructed and understood from these buildings see the city that created some of the great poets and writers of Roman literature and discover what inspired them view archaeological sites and sculptures specified in the OCR/AQA syllabuses

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Diverse Normandy!

Normandy offers a fascinating selection of visits for both primary and secondary schools. History, including WW2 museums and landing beaches, Food Technology visits and wide variety of Cross-curriculum visits make this a very rewarding destination. Visits to working farms and small artisan workshops are the particular highlight of the Normandy trip for our schools. Many famous culinary specialities, such as Camembert cheese and the cider brandy Calvados, are produced in the area. Popular visits include the Biscuiterie Cormier Asnelles, Caramels d'Isigny, Chocolatrium, Boulangerie Le Fournil and Manoir d'Apreval Cidery in Honfleur. Get in touch today to plan your school's trip to Normandy!

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Moscow and St Petersburg History

Visit two Russian cities at the centre of some of the most important events in modern European history. Gain a deeper understanding of the events which led to the change from imperialism to communism; understand the role of Russia in the World Wars and the Cold War; reflect on the influence of the past on the present and learn how the streets, sites and art of Moscow and St Petersburg tell the story of these cities and their people's struggles.

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