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A school trip to Auschwitz is an utterly captivating experience. Visiting the Auschwitz concentration camp and the deeply affecting Holocaust memorials provides the most poignant experience available to history students. Schools also visit Schindler's Factory and there's a Q&A session with a Holocaust survivor at the Galicia Jewish Museum. "Thank you! The trip was an overwhelming success. Everything ran so smoothly, and the time that you had allocated for everything was perfect. It was incredibly emotional - I don't really have the words to describe how much of an impact this had."

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CERN and Einstein Tour

Geneva is home to the world's biggest and most respected scientific centre, CERN, which offers guided tours and visits to two fascinating exhibitions. This is a truly outstanding visit for Science students and gives them an insight into the complex research methods used by the scientists and the history of this hugely important research centre.  CERN is not the only physics reference Switzerland has - Albert Einstein spent his formative years here. A day trip to Bern is a very enjoyable experience, and includes visits to the Einstein House and Einstein Museum. As a final touch, some schools choose to visit the striking European headquarters of the United Nations, which offers tours to discover the UN's global historical significance. You can reflect on the impacts of world humanitarian organisations at the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum. You can also visit Swiss food manufacturers and have fun sampling the local flavours!

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School Trips to CERN

We are CERN experts and this is our most popular school trip. This is a truly inspiring and potentially life-changing trip for any aspiring scientist! Learn about fundamental research and see deep inside the world's largest particle physics laboratory - excellent and official half-day tours of the centre follow a variety of themes (depending on the day) including ‘Detecting Particles', ‘Discovering Antimatter' or ‘The Accelerators of the Future'. You can add further to your school trip to CERN by exploring the Microcosm exhibition or the exhibition in the Globe of Science and Innovation. For a quotation and detailed itinerary, or just if you have any questions about visiting CERN, contact us today. Any group size, any duration.

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Iceland: Between Ice and Fire

Iceland's unpolluted and exquisite landscapes make it an absolutely incredible destination. There is an unbeatable variety of geographical features including boiling mud pools, spurting geysers, glaciers, waterfalls, volcanoes, lava flows, ash deserts, mighty rivers and stunning coastlines. School trips to Iceland are always highly memorable with outstanding educational content. We offer itineraries that cover the following Geography topics: Coastal Processes, Cold Environments, Plate Tectonics, Climate Change, Environmental Change, Sustainable Energy, Fluvial Systems, Managing Natural Hazards, Tourism, Rural Environments, Urban Environments, Ecosystems. We also cover the following Science topics: Sustainable/Renewable Energy, Climate Change, Ecosystems, Evolution Studies, DNA Mapping, Aurora Borealis, Plate Tectonics - just Request a Quote for details.

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